2 of The Most Difficult Titles to Find – Blue Note Unissued Master Series by King Record Japan

Among the titles of Blue Note Unissued Master Series by King Record, these are the 2 most difficult to find on the market right now,
Bobby Hutcherson Inner Glow
Bobby Hutcherson Spiral
Even here in Japan, I rarely get these titles...really RARE!

I love Bobby Hutcherson and so do many Jazz collectors, right?
He creates the sound which is unique, not the typical vib sound, a kind of spiritual groove. These 2 rare albums show exactly his greatness and I always wonder why Blue Note didn't issue these great sessions at the time of recording. Anyway, King Record did issue them for the 1st time in the worls in the late 70's and early 80's.

Inner Glow was issued in the 2nd part of the series with GXF serial in the late 70's.
Spiral was issued as the part 3 of the series with the serial GXK with Gold OBI in the early 80's.

As for this particuar copy of spiral, it is an EXTREMELY RARE
I believe, they pressed very small number of copies and shared them among the engineers to see if there is any error. It is a real collector's item!
Look at the label. Side 1/A has A and "SAMPLE" in Japanese printed.
Side 2 has nothing...just plain white label.

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