2 of The Most Difficult to Find Blue Note Reissues by King Record Japan

These 2 titles are the most difficult to find Blue Note reissues by King Record.
Tina Brooks True Blue GXK 8202
Jackie McLean Demon's Dance GXK 8211
I rarely get these titles and for Demon's Dance, this is my 1st time to obtain it!

These 2 reissues are in the same series called, 
Blue Note Collector's Item Series
Crocodile Green OBI is also popular with this series.
I really don't know the reason why these 2 titles are hard to find on the market...maybe not many copies pressed at the time of release? or maybe the owner of these copies don't want to abandone them?

Whatever the reason, these GXK titles are becoming really hard to find especially with OBI.

You got them? Don't sell them! You don't have them? Take your time to find them and get them.
The pressing and the sound quality are really superb.
These jacket designs and OBI are attracting!
These cute Crocodile Green OBI too are attracting!

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