Another Peculiar RVG PRLP 7024 Prestige?

Peculiar RVG pressings again...this time, 2 of them!

Sonny Stitt Bud Powell Prestige PRLP 7024

Esquire UK and Barclay France released the same album in the 60's with the same matrix,

PRLP 7024 RVG Hand Etched!

Matrix is the exact same. That means they used the same metal stamper to press these copies. That is a fact.


What happened to those days in UK and France? 
Was that common??
I don't know...

Both pressings sound great I believe. But I don't know what was going on behind the scene, really.

Anybody knows the details of these pressings?
I need your help!

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  1. Hi Takashi, the session tapes for that recording were done in 1949 and 1950, still the very early days for analogue tape and analogue tape recorders. Most likely recorded on an early Ampex machine.

    The France pressing you have was the original release for that title in France. Since it has RVG stampers, the lacquer was cut in the US and shipped to France where pressing took place; 1959 to 1961. Do not know who did the plating (could have been US or if shipped fast enough, could have been done in France) prior to stamping. Not sure about the UK issue, but would guess that would be a bit later.

    I have an orig US pressing of this title. Was also released as an OJC title in the US in the 1980s and as you noted, Victor Music issued this title in Japan.

    1. John
      Thank you for your great info and observation!
      I see the Etching on the dead wax exactly the same each other assuming that French Barclay and Esquire used the same lacquer then stamper…
      I really appreciate for your contribution!

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