Another Underrated Art Blakey Album!

Art Blakey released many titles Blue Note especially, and Riverside and some other minor Jazz labels.

Many of them are popular but...many of them are underrated as well.

I featured some, "UNDERRATED" albums before, but this time, I want to feature this title,
I don't know why but Caravan is not that popular among the Jazz collectors especially outside of Japan.

Look at the members,

  • Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)
  • Wayne Shorter (tenor sax)
  • Curtis Fuller (trombone)
  • Cedar Walton (piano)
  • Reggie Workman (bass)
All Stars right?
And the main title - Caravan -
Wow, what a session!

Originally, it was recoded and released by Riverside in 1962. The same year, Victor music Japan reissued the title as SR series with Deep Groove. But it is now difficult for you to get this reissue.

In 1975, Victor Music Japan reissued it as SMJ series. Those are the only reissues in Japan. SMJ series is little easier to come by on the market.

In case you don't know the greatness of this album, better to give it a shot!

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