Aurex Minor But Great Jazz Label by Toshiba EMI Japan

Aurex is a brand name Toshiba EMI used for mainly their audio equipment. But in the 80's with Aurex brand, they also produced and released some great jazz albums.

Here I got one, a RARE live session album called,

Battle Of The Horns

The members playing live are the legends.
  • Dizzy Gillespie on tp
  • Harold Land on ts
  • Eddie Lockjaw Davis on ts
  • Illinois Jacquet on ts
  • Cedar Walton on p
  • Cal Tjader on vb
  • Eddie Gomez on b
  • Shelly Manne on ds
The actual live sessions were recorded live at some venues in Japan in 1980.
Wow...the recording quality and live performance quality are really, really superb!! I was blown away, really. The only down side of this album is the jacket design...
Just BORING!! right?

Anyway, during the 80's, Japan was really hot with Jazz. Look at this picture.
A shot taken from one of the venues during the live, thousands of jazz fans got together at the Yokohama Stadium. Good old days in jazz, really.

Aurex in conjunction with Toshiba EMI were the organizer of Aurex Jazz Festival in the 80's and they recorded all the sessions. They also released some other titles in the series, Aurex Jazz Festival '80.

In case you don't know these albums (I am sure you don't!), it is better for you to dig!

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