Blue Note Reissues King Record MONO Toshiba STEREO Why?

It is funny that in the early 80's, King Record reissued some Blue Note titles with K18P series.
Not many collectors point out these titles are great in terms of sound quality...But as I have listened to those, the sound is really stable and clearer and deeper. Really good!!
Another funny fact with this series is that some titles King Record manufactured are MONO, like

Walter Davis Jr. Davis Cup
Lou Donaldson Blues Walk
Sonny Red Out of The Blue
Freddie Redd Shades Of Redd

Toshiba EMI reissued the same titles with STEREO in the early 90's. I don't know why...maybe, I guess, Toshiba EMI didn't want to repeat the same as King did. So, they tried to obtain a different master like STEREO.

But I must admit that the sound quality of K18P series is much better than the same titles Toshiba EMI reissued in the early 90's.Whenever you find it on the market, it is better for you to give it a shot!

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