Careful About These Blue Note Reissues!

Yes, most Jazz collectors don't know this fact and nobody talks about it...but I will tell you the truth.

The Blue Note vinyl reissue series Toshiba EMI Japan made in the early 90's, what they call
are notorious to me.
I have collected and sold many of these series and many have noise issue...unlike the other Toshiba EMI or King Record Blue Note reissues, the pressing quality is not that good.

But with us JBJ, you do not need to worry about it because 
I know this problem and whenever I get these series, I carefully check visual and sound both and grade them accordingly.
In addition, in case you encounter a problem with the noise or whatever, you are covered with our 100% money back guarantee.

But if you find these series at other shops, be careful. You need to ask the sellers if they checked the condition properly. Otherwise you might end up wasting your money and time.

Even if this "Blue Note Rare Groove Collections" has this pressing quality problem, the sound quality is good. I don't think there is any difference between this series and the other Toshiba EMI reissues in the 80's.

Careful and accurate grading is the key for these series, you know.

The reason why the pressing quality deteriorated in this series is because of the era, in the 90's, the CDs took the place of vinyl records and vinyl records were selling really poor.
I am sure that Toshiba EMI did not want to invest a lot of money on vinyl record production and the machines they used were old and having no maintenance or lacking skillful engineers.

This is a dark side of the history of Blue Note reissues in Japan but it is true and we all need to know.

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