Dead Stock Sealed Blue Note Reissues Defect!?

One of the buyers who bought a dead stock sealed Blue Note reissue asked me this question.

Can you please open the seal and check the condition of the vinyl for me?

So, I just opened it and check it. It turned out to be like the vinyl has very little minimal warp, the sound OK.

I reported that to the buyer and he said. 

That is great, that kind of warp is normal and I can ignore it! I will take it!

Japanese Dead Stock sealed rarely have defects like press errors, BUT...it is quite possible that the vinyl is warped being placed in an awkward way.

In case you feel the same as this buyer, feel free to ask me to do so. It is OK for you to cancel the transaction after checking the condition!

By the way, here in Japan, even now, Japan has a lot, I say a LOT OF THESSE DEAD STOCK, SEALED NEVER OPENED copies. WHY?

Many Japanese Jazz collectors used to buy the same titles with 2 or 3 copies brand new! They used/played one copy and kept the others. In case 1st copy is worn out, he would open the 2nd one. haha!

Is that habit unique only in Japan or you guys see the same kind of habit in your country?

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