Diggin’ The VIJJ Series of Prestige, Riverside and Contemporary Reissues by Victor Music Japan!

I got a bunch of VIJJ Reissue series titles by Victor Music Japan recently. They are 69 titles!! Wow...
And I rediscovered the greatness and uniqueness of this VIJJ.

Victor music Japan is known for reissuing Prestige and Riverside in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Those are...
PJ Series in the early 70's, SMJ Series in the mid 70's (some in the 60's), VIJ Series in the 80's and this VIJJ Series in the early 90's.
Among the series, VIJJ is not that known by the jazz collectors especially outside of Japan. That is why I wanted to dig deeper of this VIJJ Series.

I picked up 5 things which I feel unique and great of this VIJJ.

1. Restoring the original sleeve and label
They didn't use the VIJJ Serial on the sleeves and labels looking like more original.
They didn't put VIJJ serial at all on the sleeve and label.
They only put VIJJ on the OBI and Insert.

2. Sleeve quality is super!
They used the heavy high quality paper and the printing quality is perfect! When you hold it, you feel that QUALITY you know...
You feel the quality here! and how precise the printig is on the sleeve!!
Look at the spine and the edge. What a beauty!

3. Beautiful Gold OBI!

I love this OBI. Really beautiful with gold background and white, black fonts.
4. Superb pressing and sound quality

Probably...they used the fantasy US Phil De Lancie Master. But they cut and pressed at Toyo Kasei Japan. In the early 90's, they already gave up their own analog production facilities. That is why they used Toyo Kasei to cut and press. Wow...the same as the Blue Note reissues by Toshiba EMI in the early 90's (Toyo Kasei cut and press), Toyo Kasei did another great job! The pressing quality and sound quality are just GREAT!!

5. Many Unique and minor titles!

There are popular titles on Prestige, Riverside but there are many minor and not known titles they picked up!! Actually, I never knew some of them and they are the ONLY AVAILABLE REISSUES in Japan, some in the world!! I just salute those people selected these titles!
Really minor but great sessions!!

In addition, It is really unique that they picked up some of the Contemporary titles in this VIJJ Series. I don't know the reason why...They never did this kind approach before. With SMJ, PJ, VIJ Series, they only put Prestige and Riverside titles not Contemporary.

In conclusion, this VIJJ series is really unique and great!!

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