Early Jackie McLean Album Fat Jazz Underrated

I love Jackie McLean and in many years of his career, early McLean also plays very well.

I know the style he played is too authentic some times but, it is still great especially imaginig how he progressed and changed in the later years.

This titile,
Jackie McLean Fat Jazz on Jubilee
is one of the early McLean titles on a minor label, Jubilee.  
I also love the way they used the original Jubilee label design. It is a minor label but I think the design is cool, right?
In this album, McLean's playing style is not that thrilling but still great. The session members are not that popular except Ray Draper on tuba too.  But... the combination of the instruments is really great.

I don't know who did the recording of these sessions, but amazingly the sound quality is also superb.

The 1st reissue of this Fat Jazz here in Japan is by Teichiku Japan in 1973. And this Nippon Columbia reissue was released in 1977. Comparing the 2 Japanese reissues, I believe this Nippon Columbia version is better in terms of pressing, sound quality and sleeve quality.

Surely it is one of the underrated albums of McLean!

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