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The Privilege to participate in our "SELF HOSTED" premium auction

I will be listing (what I feel valuable) records at our self hosted auction site at least 5 records (prior to the eBay listing) per week. Most likely, those records will be sold out before I even considering listing them at eBay.

The Privilege to participate in "FIXED PRICE" listing at our "SELF HOSTED" premium store

I will be listing RARE, HARD TO FIND records at fixed price from time to time at our self hosted store BEFORE I list them at eBay. Most likely, those records will also be gone before listing them at eBay (the price will be 10% cheaper than eBay - cutting the eBay fee portion).

Weekly Jazz Audio Challenge

 I will be sending you Jazz Audio Clips (taken from our analog vinyl records) with some inspirational quotes to your email inbox EVERY WEEK!  Just imagine yourself at your favorite spot of the house sipping a cup of coffee or tea listening to those Jazz audio clips and get inspired by thoughtful quotes. I bet you can start every week with love and peace.

Weekly E-zine "Behind The Scene Stories Of Golden Jazz"

 I will pick up some Japanese liner notes (inserts) from the sleeves of Jazz records and translate them into English little by little. Those notes were written by some of the legendary Jazz critics in Japan like Shoichi Yui, Yozo Iwanami, the people who loved Jazz to the bone and knew everything. Most of those notes were NEVER translated into English. What a loss!! right?

The Privilege to join our  "SELF HOSTED" Social Media

We created a Social Media Platform, something like our own Facebook. There you can create your groups and discussions depending on your interests and topics to communicate and exchange the information with the other members. I am sure, our members will be from all over the world with the same interest!!

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Initially, I was to introduce this "Membership Plan" for some amount of fee per month. But... since this is a new project, I decided to give you "Paid Membership" level services "FREE"!!


While we run this membership services free, I will be conducting surveys from time to time to get your feedback. What for? to make this membership/online community "BETTER"!! You know what? My initial intent to introduce this membership, either free or paid membership, is to serve you and make you feel happy by joining. Together with your help, I really want to improve and grow this community for the better.

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