Funny RARE Autographed Andrew Hill Compulsion Liberty RVG!

This AUTOGRAPHED Blue Note Liberty Blue, White Label RVG is really funny and interesting...the title is,
Andrew Hill Compulsion
Popular title of Andrew Hill, right?

King Record and Toshiba EMI never reissued this title. you see the jacket, this is not the official jacket/sleeve, it is just an unofficial outer sleeve, the official sleeve is missing. But there are OBI, official paper inner sleeve and the insert. That means this copy was imported from the US to Japan by Toshiba EMI.

On the plain white outer sleeve, Andrew Hill himself singned. I believe, the previous owner went to see Andrew Hill when he came to Japan and got that autograph. He maybe didn't want to put the autgraph on the official jacket...I am just guessing...

Anyway, this copy is funny to me, but Andrew Hill's autograph is really valuable, right?

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