Great Impulse Reissues Not Known

I think these Impulse premium reissues by Universal Music Japan are not known, especially outside of Japan.

These reissues were produced and manufactured in 2005 here in Japan. The series is called
Jazz The Best LP Collection Part 1 and 2
Part 1 has 20 albums and part 2 the same 20 titles.
I featured Coltrane's albums on Impulse. But actually, the titles in these series are not Impulse only. Great jazz albums on different labels, like Gerry Mulligan Night Lights.

But in these Coltrane's Impulse albums, they used the original STEREO Master in the US and mastering, and cutting were also done in the US.
They never used any digital process (this is really important) and pressing was done at Toyo Kasei (one of the most prestigeous pressing facilities in Japan).

Amazingly the sound quality is superb!!
They used the high quality, pure virgin heavy vinyl (180g) and restored the original orange label design!!

The sleeve is beauty...the real art!!

In case you don't come across these reissues, better for you to have it/them!

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