Great Reissue by Victor Music Japan, But Not Known Underrated Albums!

I already talked about VIJJ Series of Victor Music Japan in the past. They reissued many titles on Prestige, New Jazz, Riverside, and Jazz Land.

Among the titles reissued, there are some which are really GREAT ALBUMS but Not Known and Underrated. I happened to obtain those namely,
Bobby Timmons Soul Time Riverside
Walter Benton Quintet Out of This World Jazzland
Joe Alexander Blue Jubilee Jazzland
Arthur Tayloe Taylor's Tenors New Jazz
Wibur Ware The Chicago Sound Riverside
These title are really minor and not many jazz collectors know...Actually I didn't know them until Victor Music Japan reissued them as VIJJ Series in the early 90's.

I happened to obtain these great titles and listened to them.

Wow....they are great! All of those titles were recorded in the late 50's but the sound quality is superb!! 
*The presing quality, the sound quality of these VIJJ Series are GREAT as well!

In case you don't know them, better for you to look into them!

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