Greatness of Blue Note UA Blue White Label Pressings!

I talked about the greatness of Japanese reissue series a lot but this time, the US Pressings!

I sometimes get these Blue Note UA Blue White Label pressings and always blown away by the pressing quality and the sound quality especially MONO.

Visually scuff is there but not that bad...I should say minimal.
And the, GREAT!

These Blue Note UA (United Artist) Blue White Label pressings I believe, were manufactured in the early 70's right after the Liberty era.
Still, the quality is better than liberty! I think rather than hunting for Liberty pressings with a lot of money, better for you to go for these UA Blue White pressings with affordable money.

To me, it is realy funny...because after this Blue White Label, UA started manufacturing Blue Black Tone Label and as you know....the pressing quality and sound quaity drastically deteriorated...

BUT...Blue Note UA Ble White Label pressings have one defect.
Some copies I obtained in the past, had a kind of flat like surface on the vinyl. I think it is a pressing error. The grooves are kind of flatened and the subtle but little annoying surface noise is there at quiet parts.
Do you know this phenomenan? In case you know, please share!!

Anyway, I love Blue Note UA Blue White Label pressings!

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