Greatness of Kyoto by Art Blakey

Nowadays, I talk about Art Blakey many times. Yes, but I have to feature this great album too!
Kyoto By Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers on Riverside
I talked about Caravan the same Riverside album which was released in 1963 originally. This Kyoto was released in 1964.
So, the members are the same except Kyoto has one vocal, Wellington Blakey who was a cousin of Blakey.
He sings a great blues tune - Wellington Blues.

The greatness of this Kyoto to me is
All tunes in this album are different from each other, a kind of thrill to listen to.
And the solid horns!
Curtis Fuller, Wayne Shorter and Freddie Hubbard play great!

And the Japanese titles!
Side 2 has Japanese titles, Nihonbashi and Kyoto.
Nihonbashi is a famous town in central Tokyo, place for business and prestigious shops, one of the most expensive places!
The song was composed by a Japanese jazz man, Sadao Watanabe.
Kyoto is an ancient capital city of Japan and the song was composed by Freddie Hubbard. What a cool song!

Blakey came to Japan in 1961 for the 1st time with his Messengers members and came back again in 1963 for the 2nd time with the same members present in this album.
At that time, Blakey was one of the most popular musicians in Japan. And the Jazz lovers in Japan went crazy!! following him and the members wherever they go. 

All Jazz Messengers members at that time were saying 
That was the best time in my career!
That is why Art Blakey and the members of the Jazz Messengers loved Japan. I wish I was there in the 60's following them!

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