History Of Riverside Reissues In Japan Revealed!

Now, the history of Riverside Reissues in Japan Revealed!

You know, Riverside reissues in Japan has a little interesting story...
Basically, Victor Music Japan has been the licensee for many years since the late 70's. But...for some years in the 70's, another company owned the license....

That company is Nippon Grammophon, later the name changed to Polydor Japan. Nippon Grammophon is known for the hunted reissues of Rock arena, especially Led Zeppelin's early albums. Some of the titles are sought out hard by the collectors and the price goes up really high.
Even with Jazz, collectors in Japan hunt of the Riverside titles.

The reason? simple, the sound quality.
Riverside reissues by Victor Music Japan is good, really. But when you compare it to the ones by Nippon Grammophon or Polydor, it is different! The Nippon Grammophon or Polydor ones is much better. I don't know why , but true.

This fact is not known outside of Japan. So, whenever you find reissues of Riverside, it is better for you to get it. The is my recommendation.

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