History Of Verve Reissues In Japan Revealed!

I used to think that there is only one company involved in reissuing Verve titles in Japan which is POLYDOR JAPAN also known as NIPPON GRAMMOPHON JAPAN in the early 70's.

But...I found out that long before Polydor Japan started reissuing Verve titles there is another company that was making Verve reissues in the 60's.

The company is Nippon Columbia Japan.

Interesting, right?
They were using Deep Groove label and flipback sleeves.

When it comes to the 70's, the license was transferred from Nippon Columbia to Polydor.

Another thing I want to point out is the sound quality. Nippon Grammophon or Polydor Japan is known for a good sound quality especially compared to the US Verve reissues by MGM. I am sorry to say that MGM US Verve reissues are not that good...the sound quality and pressing quality are bad...especially the pressing quality...I used to have many copies of MGM Verve reissues but never came across good copy.
A lot of noise and the sound a kind of distorted...

But the Polydor ones are really stable and the sound quality is great. Maybe the original Verve copies are great but...it is hard for you to get good ones with reasonable price, right? 
So pricewise and qualitywise, Polydor Japan is a better option.

What is your opinion?

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