I Love Curtis Fuller and This Album, New Trombone on Prestige!

I really love Curtis Fuller. FUNKY!! That is the word I can describe him.

Among few his leader albums, I love this
New Trombone on Prestige
The reason one, FUNKY!!
The reason two, a COOL JACKET DESIGN!! What a cool design!

In addition, the band members are great!

  • Red Kyner also known as Sonny Red on alto
  • Doug Watkins on bass
  • Hank Jones on piano
  • Luis Hayes on drums
They just play GREAT!!

But...The original is hard to come by, so, I recommend you to get this reissue, SMJ series of Victor Music Japan in 1979.
Victor Music Japan reissued the same title in the early 90's as VIJJ series, but I prefer SMJ. Because, the pressing quality is far much better than VIJJ series. The sound is stable and solid too!

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