Insane Sound Battle Blue Train Liberty vs King Record Premium!

Welcome to the JBJ Jazz lab!

You maybe remember what I did the same kind of sound battle with Midnight Blue Kenny Burrell, right?
Last time the battle is in between Liberty, Blue White Label RVG Pressing and King Record Premium Reissue.

This time, 
John Coltrane Blue Train Liberty Blue, White Label (no RVG) Pressing and King Record Premium Reissue
Obviously, the source is different you know, Liberty at that time, I believe they used the original master and mastering was done by one of the engineers there. But with King Record, they were not able to acquire the original master, they only used 3rd or 4th generation copy of the master at that time. Logically, there is no way that King Record Premium Reissue can beat the Liberty.
It is like,
A Cat Fighting Against the wolf (if not the lion)
But the results...

Just watch and listen to the audio samples above and judge by yourself!

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