Interesting King Record Blue Note Reissue Titles

I think these King Record Blue Note Reissue titles are interesting...
Freddie Redd Shades of Redd
Walter Davis Jr. Davis Cup
Lou Donaldson Sunny Side Up
Art Taylor A.T.'s Delight
King Record reissued these 4 titles in the early 8's with MONO, K18P Series.
Toshiba EMI lalso reissued the same titles in the early 90's BUT...they reissued them with STEREO not MONO.

Interesting right?

Sometimes, they do like this,

Toshiba EMI reissued the same title as King Record but MONO, STEREO different.
Toshiba EMI reissued the titles King Record never reissued them.
King Record reissued the titles Toshiba EMI never reissued them.

They were competing together? haha.
Anyway, these K18P MONO series sound really great.

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