Interesting Reissue of Stanley Turrentine Look Out! by King Record Japan

I think, this reissue by King Record, K18P series is interesting.
Stanley Turrentine Look Out! Blue Note
What is interesting is that King Record at that time (in the early 80's) used the MONO master not STEREO. Toshiba EMI Japan later on reissued the same title in the early 90's but they used the STEREO master.

You can not compare the MONO and STEREO sound but I personally prefer this MONO K18P by King Record than Toshiba EMI BST.
It is a little bit difficult for you too find a good copy of this Stanley Turrentine Look Out! by King Record nowadays, but in case you find it, I recommend you to get it. This MONO sound is stable and dynamic, really.

By the way, Japan was a Jazz lover's heaven in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. King Record, Toshiba EMI and the rest of the companies reissued many, hundreds, if not thounsands, of Jazz titles like crazy. They even reissued minor titles too!

I really salute those people (sanpai - senior guys in Japanese) who were involved in making these reissues. 

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