Lee Morgan BLP 1538 GXK 8017-Story 2

This is the liner note from the Lee Morgan Blue Note BLP 1538, King Record Japan GXK 8017. This series by King Record was first released in 1979 in Japan.

The 1st Leader Session By Lee Morgan on Blue Note! by Yozo Iwanami

The Tracks and sessions

Side 1

1. Roccus
This is an original song by Horace Silver, the pianist in this album with minor Key, Latin touch rhythm. His mysterious piano style is attractive and Lee's well thought solo is brilliant as well. Horace's piano really is funky and has a sense. Clarence's solo is not that bad too.

2. Reggie Of Chester
This is written by Benny Golson and funky song. Swinging Trumpet solo by Lee followed by Sharpe's Alto and Silver's piano.

3. The Lady
This is a ballad by Owen E. Marshall. He is a trumpeter, and pianist  from Philadelphia. Although Lee was young at that time, his style has a tension and emotional. After Lee's solo, Silver and Sharpe plays solo and Lee plays again at the end.

Side 2

1. Little T
This is an original by Donald Byrd. His songs attract people including this one. Funky and swingy song, actually. Lee's play is vital and brilliant. Lee plays to the fullest and Sharpe's alto and Silver's piano come in. Lee plays at the end again. All musicians plays here are incredible in this song. I believe, this is the best track in the album.

2. Gaza Strip
Same as The Lady, original by Owen E. Marshall. It starts with 8 measures of drum solo by Philly Joe Jones. Sharpe's alto solo and  Silver's piano are really good here. Swingy well played track.

3. Stand by
Original by Benny Golson again. Old friend to Lee since the Gillespie band and the song is really stylish. After the theme, Silver's piano, Sharpe's Alto, Lee's trumpet solos are played. You can hear the great walking bass solo by Wilbur Ware here.

---> more story will continue next week . So, stay tuned!

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  2. This is perfect, I’ll wait for more Japanese liner notes translation, is the most interesting part of my collecting process, the music itself. Keep it coming Takashi…

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