Minor Yet Great Lee Morgan Album Not Known!

Originally this great album was released in 1957 under the label, Specialty US. Really unique and interesting album.
Lee Morgan Wynton Kelly Dizzy Atmosphere
Lee Morgan on trumpet but...the rest are from the Dizzy Gillespie Band as the album title goes.

Not many Jazz collectors know the presence of the album, very minor and as you may have known, Specialty is not a jazz label, mainly releasing R&B albums like Little Richard. 
To tell the truth, the tracks in this album are not the hard bop but a kind of mixture of swing, be bop and hard bop. But! all sessions are really great and unique. When you listen to it, you feel like Lee Morgan's presence is little diminished because the rest of the members are really great too.

Nippon Phonogram Japan did a great job to uncover this minor yet great album reissuing it in the mid 70's. Until then, no jazz collectors know the presence of this album, really.
Amazingly, the sound quality is also great!

In case you don't know or have this album, I do recommend you to get one!

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