More History Of Prestige Reissues in Japan Revealed

I just talked about the history of Prestige reissues in Japan. But...I found out that there is more story...haha!

In 1991, Swing Journal (one of the most popular Jazz magazine at that time) and Shinseido (one of the biggest Music stores at that time) joined together and made a Jazz Reissue series called,
Gold Of GD 100
GD stands for Gold Disk. The Swing Journal at that time usually chooses great Jazz albums as their chosen "Gold Disks". So, in this series, they chose 100 Jazz albums. This includes not only Prestige albums, but also the other labels like, Blue Note, Riverside, Impulse, Verve, Atlantic, Vee Jay and so on.

The vinyl was made by the companies that owned the license, Blue Note - Toshiba EMI, Prestige and Riverside - Victor Music Japan, Atlantic - Warner Pioneer Japan and so on.
They used the serial of SGD.

What is distinct with this series is the visual part.
OBI is a kind of classy, silver and dark green OBI. They didn't put SGD serial on the labels as well as on the sleeve. I guess...they wanted to make it look like the US original pressings.

In terms of the sound, good but I don't see any difference with the usual reissues.

In general, I like this series!

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