Mysterious Autograph on Hank Mobley Roll Call Sleeve!

This is really funny and mysterious...

I got this copy of
Hank Mobley Roll Call Blue Note reissued by King Record GXK Series
At the back of the sleeve, there is an autograph. Initially I thought it might be Hank Mobley himself, wow!! is not Hank Mobley for sure. I searched on the internet if this could match his autograph. It was not even close...
Then I thought maybe, Freddie Hubbard...or Wynton Kelly,...Paul Chambers...or Art Blakey??

I really don't know...but if you look closely, there is a kind of illustration looking like a trumpet. That might be a clue...Just look at the close up picture here,
Any idea?
In case you can identify, share your thought!

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