Mysterious Blue Note Liberty RVG Pressings!

You maybe remember that I featured mysterious Blue Note UA Blue Black Tone Label RVG pressings before...

One side no RVG the other RVG.

Again...this time, Blue Note Liberty Blue White Label pressings with the same kind of combination!

The mysterious albums are...
Bobby Hutcherson Happenings, Jackie McLean Bluesnik
Both have the same combination, side 1 no RVG side 2 RVG.
This is my 1st time to obtain these combination pressings with Blue Note Liberty Blue White label.

What about the sound quality?
Well, both titles sound great even no RVG side, really.


There is a difference in sound. The types of sound is different. RVG sound has more punch and mid and low dynamic.
But still...the myth remains why this combination was made...

In case you know the answer, please let us know.

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