Mysterious Emarcy Reissues

Recently I got these mysterious Emarcy reissues...
I believe they are the US pressings but no proper info is available.

What I know is that Nippon Phonogram imported these, put their sticker on them and sold them here in Japan, most likely in the 70's.

The labels are orange Mercury label
On the dead wax, the serial (in case of Sarah Vaughan) 
Hand Etched and
These are the clue.

Do you know the right info like the year this reissue was released, where, and what kind of master used?

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  1. The 7-logo red Mercury label was used between 1972 and 1974. Plus, according to Discogs, Masterdisk started using the name in 1973. Furthermore, Discogs lists a Trip label special market release of this Sarah Vaughan record from 1974. Together, the clues tells us that this reissue is likely to be from 1973.

    As for the source, since Masterdisk was the main mastering studio for Mercury, the release probably used the original tape or its direct copy. The fact that the sessions were recorded in the same city (NYC) adds to the likelihood of the guess.

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