Myth of Blue Note UA Blue White Label Pressings

I somethimes get these
Blue Note UA Blue White Label Pressings
and most of the time, I was just amazed at the great pressing quality/condition and sound quality, especially MONO pressings.
This is a sample of Blue Note UA Blue White label MONO pressing, Hank Mobley BLP 1560. The pressing quality, and sound quality are just amazing! like as if you were listening to a Japanese pressing!

BUT..., in the later years of UA  Blue Black Tone or Blue White Tone label pressings, the quality deteriorated drastically!! Many pressing errors and the noise is there most of the time. It is like buying a lottery, you rarely wins...Actually I was disappointed many times with those Blue Note UA Blue Black/White Tone label pressings.

Why is that?

I am really curious to know what master they used in those BlueNote UA Blue White label pressings, who did the mastering and so on.

Can you please help me?

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