Myth of Freddie Hubbard Night of Cookers Blue Note

I love this album.
Freddie Hubbard Night of Cookers Vol.1 and 2 Blue Note
Without a doubt, these series are great, right?
Freddie and ther other sesion members are all great playing like crazy! The sound quality is also great. RVG was genius recording live with this quality!! in the 60's? Crazy...

When I first listened to these sessions, I was just blown away...really.

But, there are myths.
King Record and Toshiba EMI never reissued these great sessions...I just wonder you know, King Record reissued many great titles of Blue Note and Toshiba EMI did the same.
I sometimes say, Japan is a Jazz lover's heaven with thousands of Jazz titles (pressing quality and sound quality both are great) available ANALOG!! on the market. They reissued even minor titles and musicians too.

The other myth is that United Artists US reissued Vol.1 of Night of Cookers with Blue Black Tone label in the early 70's but they used blue color in the front jacket not red as original...why??
I wonder...

In case you know the reason, let me know.

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