NOT BLUE NOTE! Did You Know These Amazing Premium Reissues by Disk Union Japan?

I already talked about the greatness of Disk Union Blue Note Premium Reissues.


Did you know that they also reissued some other great jazz titles apart from Blue Note?

Together with Blue Note titles, they added some other titles from other labels in the same series as BONUS TITLES. Here below, you can see the brochure they released in 2013.
As a Bonus, they added these titles in 2013.

Art Pepper Modern Art on Intro
Chet Baker Sings on Pacific Jazz
Lawrence Marable Tenor Man on Jazz West
Serge Chaloff Blue Serge on Capitol
Sonny Criss Go Man! on Imperial

At the back of this brochure, they put the details of these title and how they made these reissues.
I got a couple of titles in this series,

Serge Chaloff Blue Serge
Sonny Criss Go Man!

Wow...the same as the Blue Note Premium Series, I can say, these are the


The sleeve quality and the printing quality are OUT OF THIS WORLD!
With Blue Serge, they made the sleeve with a style called, GAKUBUCHI COVER also known as "Frame Cover". Insane...they put a lot of effort restoring this old style of making sleeve!!
They used the thick high quality paper and printing is just BEAUTY!! A REAL ART!! With Sonny Criss Go Man! they included 2 types of sleeves!!

One the original one, with the bike stand, the other without the bike stand! What a treat!!
They also restored the labels PERFECTLY!!
Don't forget that they used 200g, heavy high quality virgin vinyl. If the original had flat edge, they cut flat, if the original had DG, they restored DG.

The Original Master Tape was mastered and cut by Kevin Gray and pressing was done in the US using the old pressing machine used during the 50's and 60's.

I really salute those people involved in making these wonderful, insane reissue series!!

As I commented, the same as the Blue Note Premium Reissue series, these wonderful premium reissues were not known among the Jazz collectors outside of Japan at the time of release. But nowadays, the price is skyrocketing...

But still, if you ever find these copies, it is better for you to get them!

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