Not Known Blue Note Reissue Series by Toshiba EMI Japan

I must confess that I didn't care this Blue Note reissue series Toshiba EMI manufactured at the time of release in 1994. You now...that is the time CDs were selling good and analog vinyl records were not selling well.


As I listened to the titles in this series one by one, I realized that the sound quality is amazingly superb!! Toshiba EMI reissues are known for not sounding dynamic, too soft...right?
But this reissue is different!
The sound is really dynamic like King Record reisues, low sounding loud, mid low clear.

They used the ORIGINAL MONO MASTER (for the 1st time in Japan!) and mastering, cutting and pressing were done at Toyo Kasei (the most prestigeous pressing company in Japan). Actually, Toshiba EMI at that time in 1994, they gave up their own pressing facilities.

As I stated, this Toyo Kasei sound is really, really great!

I believe, not many Jazz collectors know this series.
Did you know that?
In case you didn't, it is better for you to dig it!

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