Not Known King Record Blue Note Reissue Series

I think most Jazz collectors don't know this Jazz Series King Record made in the late 70's.

The series is called, 
Brazil Masterpieces Series
As the title goes, these are the Brazilian, Bossa Nova titles King Record chose. But unlike the other Blue Note Reissue series, there is only one title of Blue Note in this series,
Ike Quebec Bossa Nova Soul Samba
The other titles are from different labels, no Blue Note.
And this Bossa Nova Soul Samba by King Record is really, really is difficult for you to find it on the market.
Toshiba EMI also reissued the same title in the early 90's as BST 4000 Series. BUT! the sound quality of King Record is far much better than Toshiba one.

Whenever you find the King Record Bossa Nova Soul Samba, better for you to get it.

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