Not Known ORIGINAL STEREO Reissue of Candy Lee Morgan by Toshiba EMI (RECAP)

This is a recap of what I talked about in the Behind the scene stories of golden Jazz.

Toshiba EMI Japan released this interesting ORIGINAL STEREO REISSUE OF CANDY LEE MORGAN in 1990.
The liner notes say that they used the ORIGINAL STEREO MASTER TAPE (it doesn't mean they acquired the original tape, but the source is from the original master). 

Apart from the STEREO reissue by Sunset Records in the US in 1969 (different jacket design and title), this is the 1st STEREO reissue ever released as LP analogue format. Candy is the only track which is different from the MONO version and the rest is the same as MONO.

It is also interesting to know that in the same year 1990, they also released the ORIGINAL STEREO REISSUE OF HANK MOBLEY BLP 1568. This was also the 1st ORIGINAL STEREO REISSUE ever released as LP analogue format in the entire world.

The sound quality of this Toshiba STEREO version of Candy is amazingly great. If you happen to have MONO version either Toshiba one or King Record one, I really recommend you to have this STEREO reissue as well for you to compare.

Anyway, it is always fun to dig this kind of history and story!

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