Not Known Premium MONO Reissue of John Coltrane on Atlantic by Warner Music Japan

I really didn't care about these premium reissues until recently. I thought they used the digital process, BUT I found out that they NEVER USED digital process reissuing these Atlantic titles!

They used the original MONO master and mastering, cutting were done here in Japan. The pressing was done in Germany at Optimal.
This premium reissue series is called,
Jazz Analog Premium Collection
They reissued Alantic jazz albums mainley.

Wow...I was blown away by the sound quality!! Really good. I also loved the way they restored the original jacket design, label design and the color!! in detail!! What a beauty!! They also used the heavy high quality 180g vinyl.

2019 is the year they reissued these legendary albums BUT...some years later now, it is really difficult for you to find them on the market even here in Japan...

Did you know this premium reissue series?

Look at the sleeve - laminated front jacket, back of the sleeve and label!! This is ART!

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