Not Known Premium reissue Gerry Mulligan Night Lights, SMJ Series of Sam Jones The Soul Society

These 2 reissues of great titles are not known and underrated.
Gerry Mulligan Night Lights Reissue by Universal Music Japan, Sam Jones The Soul Society Reissue by Victor Music Japan
Night Lights is a popular title and many reissues were manufactured here in Japan in the 70's and 80's. But this particular reissue was manufactured in 2014.
The universal music used the original Stereo master and mastering was done by Joseph M Palmaccio, a legendary engineer. They didn't use any digital process, all analog.
They also tried to restore the original jacket design and labels in details. 
They also used a high quality and 200g heavy vinyl.
Visually, the sleeve is very beautiful and slick. Vinyl very heavy and well made.
What I love more than the visual look, is the sound quality! is really, really superb!
Actually this is my 1st time to obtain this beautiful, premium reissue of Gerry Mulligan Night Lights.

Now, Sam Jones The Sould Society Riverside reissue by Victor Music Japan in the late 70's, SMJ Series.
I talked about SMJ Series a lot in the past, but this Sam Jones The Soul Society, is a kind of minor title that not many Jazz collectors are going after. But I believe this titile and reissue by Victor is underrated.
The sessions here are really great and Jones bass and cello are really heavy and dynamic. In addition, the quality of the sleeve, and vinyl is really superb and well made. The sound? yes, the sound quality is superb as well.

In case you don't come across these great reissues, I really recommend you to have them as your collection!

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