Not Known Verve Reissues by Polydor Japan

You know what?

I didn't know this Verve reissues by Polydor in the late 80's up to the early 90's. This is my 1st time to obtain these reissues.

I tell you...despite the fact that most of the titles in this series are minor and not known to many Jazz collectors,
The quality of the sessions and sound is really, really superb!!
As I was checking the sound, I began to feel that I should have kept these as my personal collection! It is that good you know.
Norman Granz did a great job producing and releasing these sessions in amazingly superb sound quality.

In 1989, Polydor made the 1st series, they called it, GREAT VERVE COLLECTION. In the 1st series, they picked up 10 titles and used 180g heavy, high quality vinyl. They also restored the original label design and used the heavy high quality paper for the sleeve.

Since this 1st series was sold really good, Polydor decided to produce another series, and vocal series, horn series and so on up to 1993!

I will dig more Verve from now on!

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