Our Sakura Is Now Blooming!

You know what?

In our place, now the winter is over and our Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is blooming! I am in a short break, looking at Sakura, sipping a cup of coffee!
What a treasure! with no need of social distancing and mask!

By watching this short video, I hope and pray that you too, can feel a little bit of healing moment!

God bless all of you guys and please continue staying safe!

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  1. Takashi, that’s what life is about – appreciate the small peaceful moments. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Takashi,
    what a beautiful place and a beautiful Cherry Blossom , I really like the place where you live and although I work for a japanese company since 1986 I have never been in Japan but I’d like to visit it when I’ll be retired , still 8 years , then I’ll enjoy the beautiful place you have in Japan.
    Stay well and safe Takashi

  3. Hi Takashi,

    Thanks for sharing that special moment, you live in a beautiful place. Blooming is the beginning of the spring and the nice weather. I hope this is the beginning of our freedom. We need to be safe.

    I wish all the members of the group the best

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us

    Stay safe

  4. Woow!!
    What a relaxing place.
    That’s the magic of spring, once again…
    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best for you all

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