Popular Yet VERY RARE Title of Blue Note Reissue by Toshiba EMI Japan

This Blue Note Title is very popular
Hank Mobley And His All Stars Blue Note BLP 1544
I love it and many Jazz collectors do.
It is another myth that King Record NEVER REISSUED this popular title...WHY??
Toshiba EMI reissued this title twice.
In the mid 80's, they reissued it as BLP Series, they reissued it again in the early 90's as the same BLP Series.
To compare the 2 reissues, I really prefer the mid 80's version with some reasons.
The number one reason is the pressing quality. The mid 80 version is well made, just beautiful. The sound quality and the sleeve quality are also great. The 90's BLP Series is not that bad but...BLP in the mid 80's is better.

As I talked about the other Series, BNJ, this BLP was manufactured in the same era. That is the Golden Age or Era of Blue Note reissues by Toshiba EMI. They reissued many titles in superb quality. And this Hank Mobley And His All Stars in the mid 80's version is hard to come by nowadays.
I recommend you to have it as your collection whenever you find it on the market.
Mid 80's BLP Series had round shape Blue Note official sticker in shrink and Early 90's BLP Series had OBI. But without sticker or OBI, it is little difficult to distinguish between the 2. Another way to identify is by Inserts. The 80's BLP has a small booklet type insert with the letters in blue color and the 90's BLP Series has a normal black and white insert.

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