Premium Reissue Toshiba vs Premium Reissue King – Sonny Clark Cool Struttin’

Welcome to the JBJ audio lab!

I think this time sound comparison is interesting...
2 Blue Note Premium reissues!
Sonny Clark Cool Struttin' Toshiba EMI Premium reissue TOJJ series vs King Record Premium reisssue
I have not featured this TOJJ Toshiba reissue before, but they used the original RVG master tape and mastering and cutting were done here in Japan by one of the legendary sound engineers called Mr.Toru Kotetsu. negative point...they didn't use the analogue tape. The RVG original was first converted from analogue to a digital tape, and that is what Mr. Kotetsu used to master. 

But to me, overall sound is not bad, and it doesn't sound digital. Good.

How about comparing it to King Premium?
Well, just watch/listen the audio samples above and share your thought here!!

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