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You can ''GRAB'' your favorite titles at our ''SELF HOSTED'' auction ''OUT OF'' eBay or you will miss them all...

  • I will be listing (what I feel valuable) records (self hosted auction) at least 10 records per week. Most likely, those records will be sold out before I list them at eBay.
  • I will be listing RARE, HARD TO FIND records at fixed price from time to time BEFORE I list them at eBay. Most likely, those records will also be gone before I even consider listing them at eBay.
  • In addition, I will be giving you a lot of interesting Jazz stories as Weekly Jazz E-zine to your email inbox (exclusively to the premium members ONLY). You know the Japanese Inserts inside the sleeves of those Jazz titles? That is what I will translate them into English and present to you. Those notes were written by some of the legendary Jazz critics in Japan, like Shoichi Yui, Yozo Iwanami just to name a few.
  • And I will give you much much more interesting bonuses by joining our "Premium Membership".
Normally $14.8/month but with limited time $10.3/month
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From : Takashi Inohara

You know what? Since I started listing Jazz records at eBay, many buyers asked me the same question again and again. The question is this...

"Can you please sell your records out of eBay?"

I have been thinking about how I can serve this need. And finally, I was able to create our own website. is not just a self hosted online shop, it is a "SELF HOSTED AUCTION" site as well.
Auction is a fun. Sometimes you can get your record at cheaper price, sometimes the opposite. But in either way, participating auction itself is a fun thing, right?

Now, I will be listing at least 10 records per week. All auctions will start at $30 (that means all records listed will have at least $30 value or more). The duration of auction is 2 days. In case a record doesn't sell, I will put it on eBay. The logic is that simple. 

In addition, I will also be posting some valuable records at fixed price (the price will be 10% cheaper than eBay - cutting the eBay fee portion)  from time to time. In case that doesn't sell within 2 days, I will put that on eBay as well.

How does it sound to you? 
Most likely, the records I will list either at self hosted auction or fixed price will have gone before I even consider listing them at eBay.
The shipping rates and condition are the same as eBay. And good news is that you con combine the record/s you purchase at our premium auction or at fixed price with other record/s you purchase at eBay!

Early 2021, I will also have set up another new local site and run a massive ad campaign to collect as many Jazz records as possible. Ultimately, there will be much much more valuable, sought out Jazz records to sell at our site (MAINLY FOR Premium Members) compared to 2020.
I am not done yet. If you sign up our "Premium Membership", I will be sending you Jazz Audio Clips (taken from our analog vinyl records) with some inspirational quotes to your email inbox EVERY MORNING! I call it "365 Day Jazz Audio Challenge". Yep, Everyday, 365 days in a year, you will receive a new Jazz audio clip in your email box.
Just imagine yourself at your favorite spot of the house sipping a cup of coffee or tea listening to those Jazz audio clips and get inspired by thoughtful quotes. I bet you can start everyday with love and peace.

This is a sample of "365 Day Jazz Audio Challenge" email.

"The Purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

- Pablo Picasso -

The Jazz audio for this morning is 

Paul Chambers Quintet - Minor Run-Down - Donald Byrd (Trumpet), Cliff Jordan (Tenor Saxophone), Tommy Flanagan (Piano), Paul Chambers (Bass), Elvin Jones (Drums) 

Blue Note BLP 1564 Taken from Toshiba EMI Japan reissue in the early 90's.*************

Jazz, like painting, is another form of art that soothes our soul. Like Picasso said, it can also wash off our daily dust mentally and spiritually and, you would become little bit humble (to your spouse especially?).

By the way, Paul Chambers on this track plays poppin' bass really deep and sound. The Toshiba sound here is also great recreating the original in a great way.

Love and Peace from Takashi Inohara/Jazzbluesjapan

I have gone through bankruptcy, divorce, and depression in my past. Remembering those days is just a pain. But I had music and books (inspirational quotes to read). Without music and reading, I would have gone mad, really...
All of us at some point in our life, painful events would happen. If you had music beside you, and some inspirational readings beside you, you would be eased and get motivated again.
Agree? "365 Day Jazz Audio Challenge" would play a part in your motivational daily life.

I also created inside our Premium Membership site "Self Hosted Social Media". Something like our own Facebook. There you can create your groups and discussions depending on your interests and topics to communicate and exchange the information with the other members (including free members). I am sure, our members will be from all over the world with the same interest!!

I will also be sending you weekly e-zine, what I call "Behind The Scene Stories of Golden Jazz".
What I will do is to pick up some Japanese liner notes (inserts) from the sleeves of Jazz records and translate them into English little by little. Those notes were written by some of the legendary Jazz critics in Japan like Shoichi Yui, Yozo Iwanami, the people who loved Jazz to the bone and knew everything. Most of those notes were NEVER translated into English. What a loss!! right?

What you’ll get with our Premium Membership:

  • You will have the "Privilege" to participate in our premium, self hosted auction to bid on valuable records every week so that you won't miss the Jazz records you are aiming for. 
  • You will receive my "365 Day Jazz Audio Challenge" email EVERY MORNING and get motivated and relaxed, listening to Jazz Analog audio clips and reading inspirational quotes. 
  • You will receive my Weekly E-zine "Behind The Scene Stories Of Golden Jazz".  You will discover many behind the scene, interesting stories of the legendary Jazz musicians or sessions. Those stories were written by some of the legendary Japanese Jazz critics. I bet you will love them! -most of them never translated in English!!
  • You will get connected with other Jazz lovers all over the world like you through our self hosted social media platform.
  • You will see new "Premium Members ONLY" bonuses, services and features added as time goes. 

What is the difference between the Free Membership and Premium Membership?


  • Privilege to participate in our self hosted premium auction.
  • 365 Day Jazz Audio Challenge
  • Weekly E-zine "Behind The Scene Stories Of Golden Jazz"
  • Get connected with other members (Jazz lovers) all over the world through our Social Media.
  • Update information about Jazzbluesjapan.

$14.80 >$10.30/month


  • Get connected with other members (Jazz lovers) all over the world through our Social Media.
  • Update information about Jazzbluesjapan.
  • Weekly Jazz Audio clips


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the monthly price increase in the future?

NO! This special offer price is fixed and locked for you even after we increase the price in the future.

How is your self hosted auction like?

Our Premium Auction works almost same like eBay. All auction starts at $30 and ends in 48 hours. Be reminded that only premium members can participate in this auction.

When will the self hosted auction start?

Since this is our new service, we will start the auction in the 3rd week of January 2021. Thereafter, we will be posting at least 10 records per week.

What is your refund policy?

We have 14 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. In case you don't like the service or contents, just inform us and we will refund the money. You can also cancel the premium membership plan any time.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept almost all major credit card companies, Visa, AMEX and so on using a service called Stripe (one of the most trusted processing companies) and PayPal for Vinyl records (same as eBay).

When will the "365 Day Jazz Audio Challenge start?

Again, this is our new service and to make 2021 year great, we will be sending emails from 3rd week of January 2021!

Sorry...this special offer will not last long...

The normal price for this Premium Membership is $14.8/month. But since this is our new service and you are our valued customer, I set this special price, $14.8 to $10.3/month, 30% OFF. Furthermore this price is LOCKED for you and will stay as long as you remain in our premium membership (no future increase).

But, this offer will end within 3 days. After 3 days, this page will be closed, and the price will be back to $14.8/month.

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