Pure White Vinyl Blue Train, Somethin’ Else Cool Struttin’

I think, these copies are really RARE and attracting...
I did a sound comparison of this, Blue Train Pure White Vinyl Premium Reissue with GXK Series of King Record the same title before.
The result is...that even if this premium reissue use a digital process, the sound quality is really superb.

And, this time, I was fortunate to obtain 3 titles and all of them are registered limited PROMO!
John Coltrane Blue Train, Cannonball Adderley Somethin' Else, and Sonny Clark Cool Struttin'
And, Somethin' Else and Cool Struttin' are UNUSED Copy!!

In anyway, this premium reissue is really unique and HARD to come by...whenever you find them on the market, I really recommend you to give it a shot!

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