RARE Blue Note NOT FOR SALE Titles by King Record!

Most of you guys know GXF, GXK, K18P Blue Note Reissue Series by King Record, right?

These Series are becoming popular for the Jazz collectors outside of Japan especially nowadays.

But these
are kind of RARE and not known by most Jazz collectors...

BUT! these titles are great and the sound quality also is superb!
They issued only 5 titles in this DY Series. Here are those,

  1. Am I Blue Grant Green
  2. Let Me Tell You 'Bout It Leo Parker
  3. Art Blakey At The Cafe Bohemia Vol.3
  4. Port Of Harlem Jazz Man Various Artists
  5. Jutta Hipp Quintet
1, 2, and 5 are the Bonus records for who collected coupons of K18P Series. But with 5, Jutta Hipp Quintet, was given to those who collected coupons of the 2nd reissues of K18P series. 3, Art Blakey was the Bonus for those who collected soupons of Premium Reissue Series. Lastly, 4 was given to those who collected coupons of K23P Series.

Talking about Art Blakey AT The Cafe Bohemia Vol.3, King Record was the 1st company in the worls to issue these unknown sessions of the legendary Cafe Bohemia live in the 50's. Thereafter, in the mid 80's, Toshiba EMI reissued it as BNJ Series. But I believe, this DY NOT FOR SALE Copy is better in terms of the sound quality.

In anyway, These DY, NOT FOR SALE Copies are really great. But it is little difficult for you to find them on the market...especially outside of Japan.

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