RARE GREAT Reissue Red Garland All Mornin’ Long

What a design!

Prestige has many great jacket designs but this album, 
Red Garland All Mornin' Long
is one of the best in album design.
Picture, fonts, color they used...wow, everything is great.
And, this particular reissue by Victor Music Japan, SMJ series did a great job to restore the original design, really.

This SMJ is the only available reissue here in Japan - Top Rank label has a reissue but the label and jacket are different!
With SMJ they used the original jacket design and label, a perfect replica.

Nowadays, this SMJ All Mornin' Lomg is hard to find on even the Japanese market.
Whenever you find it, better for you to get it.
The pressing quality, sound quality, and the sleeve quality all are GREAT!!

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