RARE Never Released Title of Blue Note by King Record

You maybe remember what I talked about DY NOT FOR SALE Series by King Record last time.

This title,
Bennie Green Back On The Scene
is also DY series, DY 5708-2.


They never released it...I don't know the reason why...King Record somehow dropped this title releasing it. So, the only available copies of this Bennie Green Back On The Scene are White Label Promo Copies which King Record in the early 80's distributed to those who were involved in King Record.

As I talked, there are only 5 DY series titles but no Bennie Green Back On The Scene.

Funny but interesting, right?

Toshiba EMI reissued the same title in the early 90's as BLP Series but...to me, this King Record version is far much better in terms of sound quality.
So, whenever you find it on the market, better for you to have it since not many opies are available...

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your ideas and your business model. I am fairly new to collecting Jazz. I do collect Japanese releases al most exclusively. I personally believe the Japanese releases are in far better condition. The OBI(band) makes the art even better.

    I do enjoy listening to my vinyl. Being able to mint copies is another reason.

    Good luck on your venture!


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