RARE STEREO Reissue of Sabu Palo Congo

I think, this Blue Note reissue by Toshiba EMI is a kind of RARE and interesting.
Sabu Paolo Congo
Yes, this Sabu's album was reissued twice here in Japan and King Record NEVER REISSUED, only Toshiba EMI did.
More over, Toshiba EMI reissued it as STEREO in the mid 80's and MONO in the early 90's as one of the notorious series called Rare Groove Collection Series.

You know these sessions were recorded in 1957 by Rudy Van Gelder and that is the time RVG started recording Blue Note sessions as MONO and STEREO. So, Toshiba EMI somehow acquired STEREO master not MONO master in the mid 80's. Obviously this Toshiba EMI reissue is not fake STEREO.

And if you look around, this Toshiba EMI reissue in the mid 80's is the ONLY STEREO ANALOG REISSUE available!!

Interesting, right?
In case you know if there is any STEREO reissue of Palo Congo other than this Toshiba EMI reissue, let me know. I don't think there is...

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