Riverside Reissues by Polydor Japan Not Known and Underrated!

I have already talked about the history of Riverside reissues here in Japan sometime in last year in 2022.

VICTOR MUSIC JAPAN has been reissuing almost all Riverside titles from 60's upto 90's. Many many titles indeed.


Not many jazz collectors especially outside of Japan know that Polydor Japan also did reissue Riverside titles in the early 70's.
Here I got a couple of Polydor Riverside reissues, Thelonious Monk Thelonious in Action, Bill Evans Trio Portrait in Jazz.
They used the serial

In Thelonious in Action, they used the Gatefold Sleeve which I think is interesting. In the past I also obtained MW Series of Bill Evans Waltz for Debby and they used the Gatefold Sleeve too.
They used this 60's Riverside labels design which I don't like...

But, let me tell you...the pressing quality and sound quality are...


Vinyl is heavy (it weighs 150g) and high quality!! And, the sound quality is really, really superb!!
Actually I did a sound comparison between these MW Polydor reissue and SMJ, VIJ of Victor Music Japan with the same title. Man...I feel Polydor sounds better than Victor SMJ or VIJ!!

In case you don't have any Polydor Japan Riverside reissues, it is better for you to dig them!!

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