RVG Japanese Pressings not the US Pressings

I know King Record released these 2 albums in 1975.
Gerry Mulligan Chet Baker Carnegie Hall Concert Vol 1 and 2 on CTI.
But...I didn't know that there is VAN GELDER STAMP on the vinyls!

This is really interesting.
Originally, these 2 live albums were released in 1975 in the US by CTI. Mastering was done by Rudy Van Gelder and surely the originals have VAN GELDER STAMP on the vinyls. No doubt right? But how come RVG on the King Record vinyls??

Well...I guess and believe, they used the original RVG source, maybe lacquer or stamper to press these albums.

Look at this picture. The deadwax of the Vol.1 - LAX-3228. VAN GELDER STAMP is there. This LAX-3228 was a reissue in 1979. The Original 1st release by King has GP Serial.
This is Vol.2 with GP-3013. This GP was released in 1975 the same year the US Original was released. The same as Vol.1 LAX-3228, the vinyl has VAN GELDER STAMP.
Matrix is the same as the US.
RVG-87714 for Vol.1 and RVG-87716 for Vol.2.

Wait...there is nother stamp on the dead. Look at this one.
This is a King Record Serial Stamp they put. That means they stamped this on the lacquer. So, they used the RVG Lacquer, right?

Anyway, this is my 1st time to see Japanese pressings having RVG Stamp.
About the sound quality, it is really great. I once obtained the US originals but I don't think there is any dfference between the US originals and King Record issues.


The pressing quality is different! King Record pressing quality is far much better than the original US pressings! Sorry to say but true...

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’ve often wondered if there were any non-US pressings with the RVG mark. Super cool!

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