Sonny Rollins Interview 2010 In Japan

This is an interview with Sonny Rollins when he came to Japan in 2010 (at 80 years old) by NHK Japan.

When I saw this interview, I was so moved and touched by his beautiful attitude and politeness, and his conversation of love of Jazz. Like the female interviewer I also shed tears man...he is not only the legend of legends of Jazz but also a beautiful human being!

As you know, just some days ago, one of the legends - Curtis Fuller was gone...R.I.P. His trombone always put "funkiness' to any session he played. Thank you Mr. Fuller for the great vive.

Sonny is still alive and at his early 90, he still practices his horn and tries to get better! What an inspiration! Long live Sonny!
Just watch this beautiful interview.

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