Sound Battle Out To Lunch Eric Dolphy This is personal…

Sorry but this sound battle is really personal...

I used to think and feel that Toshiba LNJ version of Out To Lunch sounds better than the King Record version. Or I should say I prefer the LNJ sound than the King Record one for the Out To Lunch. But I never did the comparison.

So, that is what I did.

The audio sample I picked up are three,

1. Toshiba LNJ version
2. King GXK version
3. King Premium reissue

Well...Just listen to them and give me your feedback!
  • Lnj has the widest soundstage and very detailed.
    GXK sound very realistic. Very smooth instruments.
    No3 (King) sound a little better than no2 – not much, just a little.
    Matze from Berlin, Germany

  • LNJ very detailed, “in your face”, maybe a little bit (too) bright (?) , especially the saxophone; but engaging. KIng Record Premium is very nice, “smooth”, i think i like it, for a relaxing listening ( nice tonal balance )

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